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CSS Code Review Checklist

Checklist Pointers

Sr No.Check
1The website is using responsive web design.
2If IDs are used, they are unique to a page.
3A CSS reset (reset, normalize or reboot) is used and up to date.
4Avoid at all cost embedding CSS in <style> tags or using inline CSS.
5CSS files are concatenated in a single file.
6CSS files are minified.
7CSS files need to be non-blocking to prevent the DOM from taking time to load.
8All pages were tested with the correct breakpoints.
9CSS validator.
10All pages were tested on all current desktop browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, EDGE…).
11All pages were tested on all current mobile browsers (Native browser, Chrome, Safari…).
12All pages were tested on all current OS (Windows, Android, iOS, Mac…).
13Use Hex color codes #000 unless using rgba().
14Avoid absolute positioning.
15Do not animate width, height, top, left and others. Use transform instead.
16Avoid !important.
17Only standard media queries are used.
18Follow two tabs indentation.
19Give proper spaces between brace brackets, colon etc.
20Use three value hex code wherever possible for eg. #000000 -> #000.
21Avoid ID usage for css styling purpose if possible.
22Use shorthand wherever applicable.
23Try reusing css code whenever applicable.
24Avoid unwanted decimal points usage for matching font-sizes.
25Use vendor prefixes.
26Add box commenting for difference between main sections(Header, main, footer, and media queries) and normal commenting between sections.
27Avoid unnecessary increase in specificity. Do not use important to override. (Avoid more than 4 nesting elements).
28Avoid units for 0 such as 0px or 0% etc. Also avoid using trailing zero example 0.4, 0.9 etc.
29Single line styling should be on the same line and should be merged i.e. there should be no spaces between them. Eg: .heading { color: red; }