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Everyone can contribute

Our size and our mission (that everyone can contribute) mean that our team members can — and are expected to — make an impact across the company.

From your very first week, no matter your role, you’ll gain the technical skills needed to access, question, and contribute to projects far beyond your job description.

This unique approach works because we’re a team of helpful, passionate people who want to see each other, the company, and clients succeed. We learn from each other, challenge each other, and thank each other.

Come prepared to do meaningful work that will help shape the future of the company.

While the opportunities to contribute are boundless in a growing organization like us, they may not be clearly defined. You’ll need to think creatively, speak up to see how you can help, and be willing to try something new.

Freedom to iterate

At GitLab, our value of iteration has a unique impact on the way we operate and get things done.

Working this way means our team members are expected to quickly deliver the minimum viable change in their work instead of waiting to produce a polished, completed product.

While this can be a challenging practice to adopt at first, it’s liberating to be able to make mistakes, get feedback quickly, and course correct to reach a better outcome, faster.

As our company and the industry continue to grow, you’ll have the freedom to change and constantly evolve everything from your schedule and your workspace to your job description and your skills.