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Shared adventure

  • Everyone can and is expected to make an impact beyond their individual assignments.
  • Each one of you can help shape us the direction we take as a company.
  • One of our core values is, Help First, and we are driven by mutual success.
  • Opportunities to contribute are boundless but may not be clearly defined.
  • We don’t believe in micromanaging someone’s growth. If you want towards something specific, speak up and we do our best (and work with you) to find a way.

Iteration at heart

  • For most things in life, there is no such thing as “done”.
  • Think of everything we do through the lense of “minimum viable change”.
  • Always strive to work iteratively, quickly, putting it front of others - all before it is done.
  • Changes or interations are best anchored to shorter timescale (few hours instead of days, days instead of weeks).
  • Put things in front of your team, your customers, and work with them to iterate and improve.
  • Everything is iterable - from code, documentation, processes, or even meetings. Don’t do things just because someone told you to do it that way.