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GitHub Notifications on Slack

We have GitHub application already installed on Slack to be able us to receive notifications to Slack when a new commit, PR, comment, etc is made to a repository hosted with our Axioned organisation account.

Create a notifications-only channel

We recommend this to make sure those who need to be alerted about these (eg: developers) are always notified instantly.

Ask your Project manager or IT team to create another channel with the suffix of -notifications to your main channel.

Stay up to date

Stay up to date Use /github subscribe [repository name] in Slack to start receiving updates about activities like:

By default, you would start to receive notifications for:

  • issues - Opened or closed issues
  • pulls - New or merged pull requests, as well as draft pull requests marked “Ready for Review”
  • commits - New commits on the default branch (usually main)
  • releases - Published releases
  • deployments - Deployment review notifications and Deployment status updates.

These are disabled by default, and can be enabled with the /github subscribe owner/repo [feature] command:

  • reviews - Pull request reviews
  • comments - New comments on issues and pull requests
  • branches - Created or deleted branches
  • commits:* - All commits pushed to any branch
  • +label:"your label" - Filter issues, pull-requests and comments based on their labels.
  • discussions - Discussions created or answered

Advanced Settings

Head on over to the official documentation for further customization.