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Working in a team

Much of the work we do at Axioned is done in teams. Working in a team can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding. Here are some tips to help you work effectively in a team:

  • Clear Communication
    • Be clear and communicate with intent. (ECG)
    • Pay attention, show understanding, and provide feedback.
    • Respect the time and attention of others (eg: structure, organisation or length of meetings).
    • Understand that people have different communication preferences.
  • Respect and Inclusivity
    • Value everyone’s input, opinions, and perspectives - irrespective of consensus.
    • Embrace disagreements, and see them as discussions, not debates.
      • If stuck, agree to disagree; focus on actions and outcomes over words.
  • Shared vision and goals (your north star)
    • Prioritize team goals over individual achievements in a team setting.
    • Offer help and ask for help when needed. (Help First)
    • If you are not sure about the goals (eg: project/product north star), ask for clarification.
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Acknowledge and appreciate the intent and the efforts that people put in.
    • Provide constructive feedback that is helpful, and focused on improvement.
    • Actively practice and encourage (not just “ask for”) continuous learning and development (like training opportunities, etc).
    • Periodically reflect together on team performance and areas for improvement.
  • Connect with each other
    • Finding opportunities to know your team members beyond the work they do.
    • Find shared interests and activities that can help build relationships.