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GIT Code Review Checklist

Checklist Pointers

Sr No.Check
1PR description should be proper.
2Integration branch for conflicts.
3Commits should be descriptive and according to the task/bug.
4Make sure no dist files, editor/IDE files, etc are checked in. There should be a .gitignore for that.
5No commented code should be present while committing the code.
6Remove console logs while committing.
7Commits are small and divided into logical parts.
8Make sure code is rebased before merging to maintain history.
9Branching name in the agile should be based on the ticket name.
10Commits should be more descriptive in terms of whether its bug, enhancement, issue fixes, and ticket number. For example: if it is a bug, [bug] a description of the bug fixed.
11Make sure the code that your are committing is formatted correctly. For formatting you can used extensions such as Prettier if you’re using VS code as IDE.
12If there is a need of commented code please add TODO and then push on the repo.
13Make sure that you do not provide much file changes for PR> If you are building a bigger functionality use atomic commits and send it for review.