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Introducing new members

This document is intended to help new members get up to speed with a new project and team. It is also intended to help the client and team get to know the new member, their strengths and focus areas.

For time-sensitive handovers

  • Identify the new team member
  • Layout and communicate the onboarding and the communication plan (with timelines) to the PMO team (or GitHub issues)
  • Training period (usually 2 weeks)
  • Introduction call - Introduce to the client and communicate the high-level onboarding plan.
    • Example: Today we just wanted to make introductions. We'll follow-up with the plan and timelines on email.
    • Being visible (on camera) to the client helps build trust.
    • Having your Project Manager / Account Manager or a member of the PMO team on the call is important.
  • Formally communicate the plan: Directly post introduction call, send an email to the client with the introduction and onboarding plan with timelines.
    • Ensure the email is concise, specific and elicit’s confidence in our onboarding plan.
  • Overlap period (of usually 2 weeks) where the new person is doing the actual work (~30% of the work) and the previous person is reviewing and doing the rest (~70% of the actual work)
    • 1-2 internal review checkpoints
  • Ask for feedback from the client (in around 2 weeks from the start of the overlap period)
    • Having the Project Manager, Account Manager or a member of the PMO team be here often helps too.
    • Manage the feedback loop (with the client) and ensure the client is happy with the new member.
  • Complete the transition and confirmation

For non-time-sensitive handovers

The same as above, but without the time pressure.

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