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HTML Code Review Checklist

Checklist Pointers

Sr No.Check
1The Doctype is HTML5 and is at the top of all your HTML pages.
2The charset declared (UTF-8) is declared correctly.
3A title is used on all pages
4A meta description is provided, it is unique and doesn’t possess more than 150 characters.
5Favicons are added and displayed correctly
6Use rel=“canonical” to avoid duplicate content.
7If your project is a blog or has articles, an RSS link was provided.
8All CSS files are loaded before any JavaScript files in the HEAD
9Semantic tags are used appropriately
10Error pages for 404 / server errors exists
11In case you are using external links with target=“_blank”, your link should have a rel=“noopener” attribute to prevent tab nabbing
12Unnecessary code needs to be removed before sending the page to production.
13All pages need to be tested with the W3C validator to identify possible issues in the HTML code.
14Use HTML validator to validate your code
15Your website shows your content correctly with adblocker enabled
16Make sure no links are broken on your page
17All images are optimized to be rendered in the browser.
18You provide layout images 2x or 3x, support retina display.
19Use sprites wherever feasible
20All <img> have an alternative text which describe the image visually.
21Images are lazyloaded
22All anchor should has title attribute for SEO purpose
23Follow two tabs indentation
24Avoid using the <hr> and <br> tags.
25Avoid empty elements in the structure
26Abound using the <i> tag for the icons. Simply use the <span> tag and write the icon name and icon can be added via css using the pseudo elements(before & after)
27Add proper commenting to the code/section
28Use the wrapper properly.
29Give meaningful classes.
30Avoid inline and internal styling.
31Wrap every input element, select, and textarea in a block level element.
32Wrap every image inside a block level element.
33Do not add any text in uppercase. Manage it via css.