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Guiding principles

Why? To help align our culture and team to some core principles on how we actively do things here at Axioned. These go above and beyond our core values - and focus more on how we (individually and collectively) go about our days.

  • Humility. Nothing justifies being a jerk. We have a very low tolerance for this.
  • Actions over Discussion. Be okay with ‘by and large’ vs. ‘perfection’. Don’t get caught up with exceptions, gatekeeping, or perfection. Once a decision is made, commit.
  • Planning is guessing. Be prepared for things to change.
  • Say what you mean. Do what you say. Assume positive intent. “Never attribute to malice or stupidity that which can be explained by moderately rational individuals following incentives in a complex system of interactions.”
  • Vulnerability. Know why you are doing (or asked to do) something. If you don’t know, ask, no matter how simple. Don’t react to scenarios out of judgment, or fear of judgment. Make mistakes. We all learn from mistakes - only if we understand why we did something vs. not.
  • Things that we don’t like saying or hearing
    • ”I did my part"
    • "Not my job”
  • Common sense above anything and everything else