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Nominating for MVP Awards

Nominating for MVP Awards

  • Nominators must explain observed behavior traits related to core values, not just list the values.
  • Avoid duplicate nominations within the past 2 months.
  • Aim for a maximum of 4 MVP awards per month; re-evaluate criteria if exceeded.
  • Limit each project to 2 nominations.
  • When any MVP nomination is published or announced the below approach and content is preferred. This also means the nominator(s) need to provide a compelling story - for other Axioned team members to see - that gives further explanation re: why this person is being awarded. This also helps the person being awarded understand exactly what they did that drove their award.

Sample nomination format

Core Value MVP Award for Ownership

For the past several months there have been many instances whereby [name] has displayed ownership across [area or domain or project(s)]. They most recent scenario was when y scenario happened and [name] did [specific behaviours and actions]. But this is just one example of many.