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Welcome to our Handbook

The Axioned Team Handbook is the central repository for how we run the company.

It offers us an opportunity to clarify who we actually are as a company. What do we stand for? How should we work? Codifying those beliefs into a handbook makes them tangible and, most importantly, editable. Making the company our best product is a guiding principle, but we can’t easily improve what we haven’t articulated.

Remote work (i.e., WFH / work from home) is also what led to the development of our handbook, which captures everything you’d need to know about the company.

Few sections of this handbook may link out to other documents that are only accessible to specific teams or individuals, but if you feel you need to know or see them you are more than welcome to give us a shout on Slack - either #general, #help or #handbook.

The handbook is a living thing. It isn’t ready, and it will never be.

We highly recommend that you:

  • Read it and refer back to it as often as you need to
  • Contribute to this, add comments, and you are more than welcome to ask questions in the #handbook channel
  • If there are any parts of this Handbook that you need to be clarified or explained further, please ask in #help channel


If you are new at Axioned or would just like to read a more in detail overview of who we are and how to settle in, hop in.


Read along if you don’t know anything about our working methodology or you simply wish to know better.


We’re always trying to find out ways to improve and to make Axioned a more comprehensive company. Like this handbook, our work methodology is never ready. It’s forever evolving and adapting itself to new perspectives.